Module 1: Basics of composition
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Rhythm is a strong and regularly repeated pattern. It could be raindrops of jazz music, lines of text in a book or windows on the wall of the building. This term is widely used in relation to dance, speech, and music. But it’s equally important element of visual expression in art and design. Think wallpaper of textile pattern – they are usually created with regularly repeated pattern with a certain rhythm.

Balancing different element on the page helps designers create rhythm and breathe life into designs.

Regular rhythm

When your aim is to create regular rhythm, use repetition of the same elements and (or) repetition of negative space between elements. This creates more stable and static compositions.

Irregular rhythm

Breaking the regular rhythm ads an element of surprise. Be brave to change the elements in size, shape, colour, or texture. Use the contrast between the elements and (or) negative space between them to create dynamic and variative compositions with irregular rhythm.