Learn design theory basics

Hi and welcome to designtrampoline.org! Is it still necessary to learn design theory basics these days? Theory may sound boring. The goal of this project is to show that it’s not true. If you are new to design or never stydied anything design-related, learning some basic design rules can be quite helpful to feel confident when you start working on your own design project. No matter what it is – a social media post or a deck slide. The rules presented here are universal and apply to all design-related tasks. It’s like cooking – even with perfect ingredients you need to know how to combine them into something tasty. Learn the rules, follow them, break them, but wisely.

Feel free to jump to one of the modules. There is no particular order, as all of the presented modules cover various aspects of basic design theory. But if you are new to the subject, start with the basics of composition.

Basics of composition

Learn how to use scale, rhythm, and proportions and how to add dynamic to your designs, get to know how to build visual hierarchy.

Design principles

Learn about gestalt principles and discover how psychology influences the way we perceive design.


Learn how to use colour in your favour and how to build harmonious colour combinations.


Learn how to choose the right font for your project and take a closer look at fundamentals of typography.


Learn how to add order and structure to your designs using the power of the grid.